OpenSource PT tools lack in features

I’ve been investigating some of the OpenSource performance test tools available on the market, and it seems that most of them are lacking in features that are essential for performance testing in enterprise environments. A good list of both functional and performance tools can be found at

The biggest problem is that the tools are not designed to give out analyzable data in exported form, or even in viewable and understandable form on the screen. An example is soapUI that allows you to run functional test cases directly in multiple threads (to create load) but there is no advanced view of the results, nor can you export the results to anything for later analysis, thus making the feature mostly useless.

What I would need when I do performance testing on a system is a detailed transaction log of every request made from the load-generators point of view, and monitoring results from the target servers (CPU and memory minimum). All these results should then be combined together based on a global time-index to be able to compare them. Without this data it is usually very difficult to determine where the problems are in large-scale enterprise system where you have multiple web and application servers + database servers.


2 thoughts on “OpenSource PT tools lack in features

  1. Kim,

    Seems we came to the same conclusion….

    That is why I started this SF project (

    At the moment it is in a very early stage of development (ALPHA) and I don’t have a lot of time to work on it, like most people I have a full time job, family commitments etc.

    The intention is that this project would provide a repository if you like for automated test results, the results page is live as in as soon as the results are sent to the TC server. Being focused on performance testing the it’s designed for the results from a load test from any load test tool, but should be able to be used by a functional test tool too.

    In your example as SoapUI can perform soap transactions it should be easy to post the response times to the TC server. I have planned to create another service for the load generation machines to use to upload their logs to the Test Central server at the end of the test, but haven’t got to that bit yet.

    So the good news is that there is a solution in the works…..


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