Poor Processes yield Poor Performace

So here I am, sitting in a bar, at an airport, trying to figure out why my flight is over an hour late …

It occurs to me that the processes involved with flights are probably the cause of this, and it dawns on me that a poor process is as much a performance bottleneck as a poorly written piece of software is !!!

The flight was late, according to the lady at the counter, because it left late from the previous airfield. That was something I had figured out by myself, but this seemed to be a perfectly acceptable explanation for her. I of course wanted to know WHY the plane left later than scheduled, but that was something she could not help me with.

So I went to the bar, ordered myself a gin-and-tonic and seated myself to ponder upon the poor processes of flight management. It’s obvious that with almost half of the flights being late (this is my own opinion and is not based on fact, but rather experience) there are problems at airports with the loading of baggage and people on or off the plane. The more you think about it the more it’s clear that there is room for improvement on both the process and technology sides but foremost on the process side.

If the baggage would be handled more efficient there would be way less “lost” baggage and late flights, as well as much less angry customers!

I’m not saying I could improve the efficiency of an airport, I’m saing that there is clear room for improvement. It’s just not working the way it is. I will however leave the details of the “improvements” to people that really know the field better than I do.


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