More Apache+PHP+Firebird Performance results

Adding to my previous post on Apache, PHP and Firebird performance I have now achieved a new higscore of 155 pages/sec!

In order to achieve this I had to tweak the SQL statements a little (removed the UPPER() parts), modified the firebird.conf a little and moved the DB to another T61p (DualCore 2.2 GHz) machine. Read More »


Firebird v2.5 Alpha 1 UPPER() SQL statement resource hog

During my testing of the Firebird Performance I encountered a strange issue with the UPPER() command in SQL statements. Using the UPPER() command my SQL queries suddenly consumed 100% CPU from the server. All transaction times spike from 1-2 seconds to over 10 for the login operation, and the CPU on the DB machine goes to 100% flat instead of jumping between 30% and 90%… Read More »

Apache, PHP and Firebird Performance Tuning

In the last post I commented that I had a test-bed application, based on Apache, PHP and Firebird, and once the problem with the images was solved I could finally start doing the actual performance testing/tuning that I originally wanted to do.

The only major changes from the last post is that I’ve now upgraded the database engine to the “Firebird v2.5 Alpha 1” that supports SMP, and that the application now contains more base data in the tables.Read More »

Apache Serves Images Slowly

Today I had a really interesting and strange problem with the Apache WWW server. It served images very slowly under even light loads and there was really no explanation for this. The CPU on the host machine almost idle and network throughput was nominal too.

After some digging on the internet I found other people also had had this problem, and had suggested various methods to remedy this, like enabling caching and putting images on a separate machine and disabling the KeepAlive feature. Read More »