Vacation time!

A well performed Golf shot
A well performed Golf shot

Yes it’s true, I’m on vacation and not really doing very much at all … at least no real performance testing work!

But I’m active with planning the future for my company, and so we changed our look to more match the new comapny vision. In the near future I will start writing blog articles on the celarius pages as well as here, but they will be more from a commercial standpoint. This blog still remains as my private projects/discoveries etc blog..

And as it is summer and and I performed outstandingly on the golf-course on Friday I just have to include my opening shot on a 150 meter PAR 3 hole. The ball landed 15 cm (6″) from the flag, and my birdie was assured! The Birdie-whiskey we enjoyed afterwards was better than usual!

I hope you all have had a good summer and recharged your battires for a potentially demanding fall’09 !