lr_save_float() function for LoadRunner

Just a quick post of a potentially useful function for LoadRunner.

LoadRunner has lr_save_int() and lr_save_string() but the float saving function is missing so I just quickly whipped up the following code. It’s by no means perfect when it comes to checking for errors, but it will work >90% of the times (as long as the scripter knows what he/she is doing).. Enjoy.

void lr_save_float(const float value, const char *param, const int decimals)
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Saves a float into a lr variable, much like lr_save_int() saves an integer
// Parameters:
//   value       Float value to store
//   param       Loadrunner variable name
//   decimals    Number of decimals in the result string
// Returns:
//   N/A
// Example:
//   lr_save_float(123.456, "myVar", 2);  // myVar = 123.46 (includes rounding)
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  char buf[64];                              // if more>63 digits -> your problem 🙂
  char formatbuf[16];                        // 16 chars should be adequate

  sprintf( formatbuf, "%%.%df", decimals);   // Build the "%?.f" format string
  sprintf( buf, formatbuf, value);           // sprintf the value
  lr_save_string( buf, param);               // store in variable

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