LoadRunner VuGen v9.52 on Win7 x64 – 100% Working (Updated)

I recently got Windows 7 x64 installed on my laptop, and as per information from HP LoadRunner v9.52 does NOT work with Windows 7, let alone x64 – So I got myself a Virtual Machine installed, where I have Win XP x86 for LoadRunner work.

Beeing a person who believes software should work in diverse environments, I also tried installing LoadRunner on the Win 7 machine, specifically Analysis and VuGen as I do scripting with the laptop, no controller was needed. So I set out to install it and also did a few tricks on the way, things I knew would not work or had to be changed.

In short the following actions where taken during installation:

  • Install v9.50  into C:\USERS\[Username]\HP instead of standard Program Files directory
    • This because VuGen writes to INI files etc. all the time it needs write access to the install folder
  • Install v9.51 upgrade patch
  • After v9.51 upgrade patch, modify registry as per Richard Bishops blog entry Installing LoadRunner on 64 bit Windows
    • In addition to Bishops instructions:
    • Make sure the“HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node\Mercury interactive” key is NOT MOVED but COPIED to the “HKLM\Software\Mercury Interactive” key !! If moved v9.52 patching won’t work as it checks BOTH keys for the existence of v9.51!
    • Also make sure the values in both keys “…\Mercury Interactive\LoadRunner\CurrentVersion” are as follows:
    • DisplayName = “HP LoadRunner Software 9.51”
    • Minor = “51”
  • Install v9.52 upgrade patch
  • Install IE8 upgrade Patch
  • When starting VuGen it complained about the WebAEDUI.DLL. I replaced this with another older version of the DLL from v9.51 .. 🙂 And the complaints where gone!

At this point to Analysis worked 100%, and VuGen worked all the way to the point where a web function was called. The call itself worked, and the result was retrieved but alas, the HTML parser failed with a critical exception error. So still I had not achieved 100% VuGen, but I was able to record, and replay non-html pages fine.

Now last Tuesday, Microsoft released a massive patch pack (some 29 fixes I think it was) and just by accident I was demonstrating Analysis and VuGen to a friend – and TO MY GREAT SURPRISE VuGen now replayed and parsed text/html content 100% ! So now I have myself a fully working LR v9.52 installation, and no longer see any immediate need to upgrade to the new ALM v11 just because people switch to Win 7.


    After having tried installing VuGen on other Win7 machines, both x32 and x64 I’ve experienced that the Reply still does not work as it should, and fails with an Exception. I think the problem is related somehow with the registration of the “RTBComm.dll” and “LrwRTBSyncObject.DLL” components.
    In the original installation also had these problems, but as the patch-set from Microsoft was applied it apparently fixed this registration issue.. So now I’m still not able to get it working on most machines. Only one other Win7 x32 has gotten it working so far (was not done by me)..
    If you people out there get it working, please let me know HOW it was done and WHAT was done to make it work! Thank You!



9 thoughts on “LoadRunner VuGen v9.52 on Win7 x64 – 100% Working (Updated)

  1. I was curious until now about anyone being successful in installing the task of LR 9.52 on Win 7 and stumbled on your blog. Very brief written, yet informative posting.

  2. Good to know that there are still innovative people among us 😛
    Very good info shared.
    We were using the same virtual machine solution and were very happy to find this workaround.

    However, I think this solution should come from HP as technologies are evolving and we are not using Win95 anymore.

    • As I said in the post the Controller part was never installed. Only Analysis and VuGen with all the patches.

      If you ever get the Controller working 100% I’d be glad to hear about it, and what you did to achieve it!

      Good Luck!

  3. Hi,

    I was able to install LR v9.0 as instructed. When installing the patch, I got this error message “Upgrade patch cannot be installed because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the patch may update a different version of the program… ” I tried edit the registry but was not able to find WOW6432 folder. Any other way to install the patch?

    • This installation only works for the complete LR install package. If you are using the standalone installation packages of analysis and vugen it does not work properly.

      If you ever find a fix for this, please let us know what caused it and how it was fixed!

  4. I’m having this same problem right now with LR 9.52 on Windows XP SP3 x86 (chip is i5) so I’m guessing the below message isn’t just a 64bit thing.

    RTBComm.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147010895

    • Ok, got the install to work by making a copy of the RTBComm.dll in the Bin directory before applying the IE8 patch. Start the install of the IE8 patch and when you get the error message about RTBComm.dll failed to register (Don’t close this window), then copy the new RTBComm.dll that the IE8 patch has installed into the Bin folder somewhere safe (you’ll see that they have different creation dates). Now copy the old RTBComm.dll over the new one in the Bin folder and select “Try Again”. The installation should continue. After it completes copy back the new RTBComm.dll back over the old one and it should be good to go.

      I figured this out after I tried to manually register the RTBComm.dll from the IE8 patch and got an error message saying something about the DLLs configuration not being correct. I then tried to register the old one and it went without a hitch. I used Regsvr32.exe to register the DLL. Info found here… http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=249873 or http://www.tech-faq.com/how-to-register-a-dll.html

      Hope this helps and I didn’t confuse you too much. Not sure if this would work on LrwRTBSyncObject.DLL as I did not have that issue.

      Good Luck

  5. I ran into a similar issue and could not find my way out of a paper bag.

    Has anyone personally used any other alternatives to LoadRunner?

    Keith Samson

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