Installing & Patching LoadRunner v11 (ALM) from scratch on Win7 64bit

Today I did this exercise with the Official HP LoadRunner v11 package.

And as was to be expected it wasn’t a simple click-click-go thing 🙂

The steps to install are pretty straight forward. Worth mentioning here is that I installed the FULL package, controller and all. If you install the StandAlone versions, the procedure and problems may be different.

Installing LoadRunner v11

So here are the steps:

  1. Install the FULL loadrunner package from the installer (setup.exe)
  2. Install the following patches:
  • Analysis_lr11_pr_9790 patch. (a zip file that is extracted on top of existing .\bin directory) – This is also an optional step and may not be necessary. This ZIP is also not found with the URL below
  • LR_03014 – Patch 03014 (imaginative name as always 🙂 )
  • LR_03017 – Patch 1
  • LR_03044 – Patch 2
  • LR_03063 – Patch 3 (Adds IE9 support)

The manual work involved when installing the patches is to go and cleanup after the installer. Each time a patch is installed it leave a %EXTRACTPATH% folder under the .\HP\LoadRunner\ directory that contains folders like Bin, Help, Tutorial etc.

After each patch installation you need to go into the %EXTRACTPATH% folder and move all the folders in there to the .\HP\LoadRunner\ directory.

Also for each Patch that I installed I got a couple of errors with Online.exe and a few OCX registration failures. I pressed OK for the dialogs, and the installation continued.

All of this took about 2h to do, and now I have a fully working LoadRunner v11 installation ready to go. If you do not have a license then the controller will work for 10 days.

A note for Win7 users

When starting your controller you might receive a “Cannot initialize driver dll, Exiting …” message. If you do the remedy is to run the application (controller) as Administrator (right click icon and choose Run As Administrator).

Downloading the patches from HP

To download the patches from the HP support site you can use the following URL as a template:

See the red underlined part? Replace with the proper LR patch name to download…






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