Windows 7 – A promising thing when it comes to performance

As soon as I was able to (the download surge killing Win7 downloads prevented it for a while) I downloaded and installed 2 copies of the Win7 beta. One was on an old 3GHz HT Intel with 2Gb mem and the other on a Virtual PC inside my QuadCore Vista ultimate machine.

The installation was smooth on both, took about the same time and I was amazed at the lack of problems along the way. Both recognized all hardware components without problems and everything seemed fast on the GFX level even when I was using a VGA mode for both (no seeing any GFX specialties).

I next installed Firebird v2.1 (latest stable) and it insalled without problems as well on both machines. I didn’t have much time to play around with the OS but the little I did showed me a stable well working system with very little or no hichups at all.

In my personal opinion this Win7 will be a hit-OS in the future. It feels fast and looks good and I see no reason for me to start looking into alternative OS’s in the future. If drivers and programs are made compatible with this Beta I suspect they will work well with the official release and if MS adds WinFS or other enhancements to it later they will likely not break the compatibility in any way.

I for one will surely use it in the future! And a s bonus it seems my Delphi 2009 programs are also working flawlessly on it!